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Linda & Rabbit

First off, Rabbit and I would like to thank Teresa Trinh for such an AMAZING and WONDERFUL job she has done for my wedding day.  We never thought we would need a coordinator because I was an organized person, but boy was I wrong.  We NEEDED her.  She helped us get organized the night before the wedding, and with her expertise and knowledge of the church ceremony, rehearsal, and wedding day activities, Teresa made it much easier and more manageable for us.  She stayed on her own time to rehearse with us, show us what to do, and calmed our nerves.  She is there reminding you of all the little important details that you wouldn't remember with all the chaos going on.  On my wedding day, she made sure the focus was on us and that we enjoyed our wedding and not be disturbed by photographers asking questions, the band asking questions, or anyone else because she took care of all of that for us. She kept us on point and on time, and with asian weddings, we know that nothing ever starts on time, and even with a huge amount of 500 guests, everything was done in a timely manner.  She not only went above and beyond her duties as a wedding coordinator, she also helped me personally when I needed to go to the restroom, when I'm changing, or any of my needs, she was there.  She is very punctual and caring because she even drove us home on our wedding day!  She was there for us from the moment it began til the moment it ended.  I would HIGHLY recommend Teresa as a wedding coordinator to anyone because I know she will get the job done. 

Jennifer & Don

Hi Teresa, thank you so much for making our special day even more memorable! You and your assistant were able to complete every task that we asked for.  I would highly recommend you to other brides.  Ten thumbs up! Once again, we cannot thank you enough!

Mr. & Mrs. David Don Nguyen

Katherine & Ben.jpg
K atherine & Ben

For our wedding, we decided to have an American ceremony and reception.  However, it was important for me to retain some Vietnamese traditions, including the language being spoken.  Teresa was the perfect MC to help with this; translating between English and Vietnamese eloquently is second nature for her.  She kept the dialogue clear, concise, and classy as she transitioned through the introductions of events.  She went above and beyond – also, helping to keep the timeline of activities on track,  making sure the guests were comfortable, and being attentive to things she knew were important to me.  Beyond that, she was professional, accommodating, and helpful with suggestions throughout the whole process. She possesses all the characteristics any bride can ask for in a host – articulate, well organized, and attentive.  Whatever your needs are, I would highly recommend Teresa over and over again.  I can’t thank her enough helping to make such an important day so wonderful and run so smooth. 

- Katherine Vo, Bride

Jennifer         &Eric

Thank you Lavish Events and Weddings for coordinating our wedding day and for being our MC for the bouquet and garter toss! Thank you for making our special day go as smoothly as possible. With you, I was able to enjoy my wedding knowing that everything was in good hands. I highly recommend Lavish Events and Weddings to anyone who is planning a special event!!!

JLe & Eric.jpg
Serena & Tyler.jpg
Serena & Tyler

Teresa was beyond amazing on our wedding day. She made sure that the stress of what was to come from that day laid on her shoulders and not on ours. I cannot be more grateful for her! From the beginning she helped with planning the big day, adding insight from her experiences and kept us sane on the actual day. She took care of us from the beginning of the day and throughout the entire night. Her professionalism never wavered, and our ceremony started at 7am and lasted beyond midnight. She kept the party going, made sure to have all the big moments captured while still keeping us all on schedule. We were able to have everything in both English and Vietnamese and the transition was smooth and seamless, we could really tell she’s was very experienced especially with the Vietnamese traditions. She was so thoughtful and made sure we ate throughout the day and ensured we enjoyed ourselves. We felt like celebrities! Lol 

Donna & Thuy

Teresa is a perfect wedding planner/MC. Almost immediately we knew we were in good hands. Teresa had an outstanding ability to truly understand the type of wedding we desired, and was able to offer invaluable experience and guidance to help make it a reality. It’s hard to imagine how we would ever had managed without her. We needed someone who spoke fluent Vietnamese and English and Teresa executed it perfectly. Being an Elementary Teacher, I had a 5 page itinerary that I wanted to be followed precisely. Without any reservation Teresa flawlessly followed the timeline.  She helped me with all hurdles and really kept me at ease.  Teresa is very professional and I would recommend her to any of my friends!! A wedding is tremendously personal occasion and you need someone like Teresa to help run the show! =) THANK YOU TERESA!!

-Thuy & Donna Bui

Christine & Thien

We can’t thank you enough for your talent and support! We were in heartbreak when we found out that we had to postpone the wedding because of Covid. However you really helped us pull through and our day was perfect!

I love how punctual, professional and thorough you are. Thank you so much for helping me with translating my thank you speech in Vietnamese as well. Your Vietnamese is phenomenal! We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family as MC and wedding coordinator.

Mary & Ray

I was lucky to find Teresa via a small social network; My friend who runs a photobooth kindly referred me to a great dj who in turn recommended a very professional, eloquent speaking Vietnamese MC. Teresa did a wonderful job on our wedding. She went above and beyond regular MC duties and acted also as a wedding coordinator of sorts. Having dealt with many weddings before, Teresa was able to efficiently execute things during the reception that I might have thoughtlessly forgotten. Not only was she very helpful but I'd like to say I gained a friend in the process. Teresa was very kind and caring when it came to making sure things went smoothly during my ceremony. She listened explicitly to instructions I might have had and took care of drama/issues/etc with poise and ease.

I appreciate Teresa's help immensely and

would recommend her to any one I know getting married.

Mary & Calvin

A coordinator should be required for every wedding, even if it's just
for the day of. In our case, we were lucky to have Teresa help us
throughout our entire wedding planning process. She was extremely
knowledgeable, advising us on the cultural customs for a Vietnamese
wedding, reminding us of all our to-dos and providing
options/suggestions that we might not have otherwise considered, all
while being extremely respectful of the things we wanted. She has a
great network of friends and vendors who were also able to provide us
with awesome services (photobooth, DJ and MC). During our
consultations, Teresa remained flexible and was willing to work around
our schedules as needed.

On our wedding day, Teresa was able to coordinate all the vendors in the 3
different locations. She kept everything on schedule and as planned.
The whole day felt like a ride but we strapped in and all of the
pieces fell into place with her help. She calmed our nerves and told
us not to worry about a thing. The day couldn't have gone any
smoother. Thank you so much for your services Teresa. We wouldn’t have
changed a thing.

Michelle & Martin

There are so many great things to say about Teresa, I don’t even know where to start! She was with us the entire day from start to finish, without Teresa I don’t think our special day would have ran so smoothly. Teresa really takes her job seriously, she’s compassionate, a great listener, and takes care of all the major and minor details when it comes to your big day! She’s a hard worker and never misses a beat. If she doesn’t know the answer in that moment she will work to find a solution for you. We never felt stressed on our wedding day thanks to all of Teresa’s dedication and hard work.

Ngc Vân & Duy

Mình có dịp làm việc với chị Teresa trong đám cưới của hai vợ chồng mình ở Boise, Idaho. Hai đứa không có nhiều thời gian và budget để chuẩn bị vì vợ mình có thai, nhưng may mắn khi hai đứa chọn chị Teresa. Chị lo cho tụi mình hai ngày trọn vẹn với tiệc trà và tiệc cưới, từ dẫn MC cho đến điều dẫn mọi tiết mục. May mắn khi được biết chị.

May & Jason

Statistics show that 50% of marriages fail. I hope that’s not the case for me but one thing is for sure, If I happen to get remarried Teresa will be my coordinator! Teresa is organized, excellent with time management and multi-tasking but most importantly she is genuinely caring to everyone involved with the wedding. From great grandparents to the flower girl, she is able to relate and make everyone feel comfortable. I wouldn’t have been able to relax and enjoy my special day if I didn’t have her to rely on. Thank you Theresa for being the cornerstone of my special day!

Anh & Scott

Teresa was the best wedding planner. We were both new to Houston at the time and she knew all the vendors and venues. She took into account what we requested and tried to accommodate our preferences with budget and the look/feel of the wedding. On the day of the wedding, she was invaluable as she took care of everything so we could relax! She's also perfectly fluent in Vietnamese, which helped greatly with our family! She directed family members, kept us on time, made a timeline, and charged a very reasonable rate!

Susan & Rob

No words can express our gratitude for Teresa and her amazing skills as an officiant and coordinator. We originally only had her as our ceremony officiant and MC of the reception, but she took it upon herself to help coordinate the reception as well. She saved us with her special way of coordinating the table greeting which made the transition to each table smoothly. In retrospect, we should have had her coordinate the entire day. Finding an MC that is bilingual is difficult to find. I was appreciative that Teresa was able to speak both Vietnamese and English for both sides of the families to understand. She truly has a passion for this job and it definitely shows. We highly recommend her for your next event! 

Jasmine and Tony.jpg
Jasmine & Tony

We feel so lucky to have had Teresa as our wedding coordinator and emcee. It is very apparent she is experienced with Vietnamese style weddings and customs. Not only is she a great resource for anything wedding related, she never fails to provide genuine emotional support for a stressed couple. 


Teresa did an amazing job to ensure our special day stayed on track and adjusted well for any hiccups. She is timely and stern, while showing us how kind-hearted and caring she is. She was so attentive to us, and was a huge factor in a successful wedding day

Donna & Donald

It was such a pleasure working with Lavish Events and Weddings for our special day.  Teresa was extremely patient in responding to my inquiries throughout entire process.  We met prior to the wedding day.  Teresa had some excellent recommendations while touring the venue.  I can tell in speaking with her that she has a wealth of knowledge and is an expert in the wedding planning industry.  The day of event was executed to perfection!  I would highly recommend using her for your big day.  It always satisfying to work with someone highly experienced and a pleasant demeanor. 

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